ZNM System

Made to Raid has a custom ZNM system. We have simplified ZNMs and they do not require plates, seals or any of the annoyances of progressing through ZNM tiers. Every ZNM pop item is a drop from another mob in the same column. The first set of pop items comes from normal mobs of the same family in the same area.

Hellcage ButterflyFloral NectarRodent CheeseShadeleafPectinCog LubricantGolden TeethSpoilt BloodGreenling
VulpangueChamroshCheese Hoarder GigiroonBrass BorerClaretObVelionisChigreLil’ Apkallu
Senorita PamamaOily BloodSamariri CorpsehairRaw BuffaloGranulated SugarBone CharcoalMint DropOpalus GemMerrow No. 11 Molting