Custom Quests

Paladin – A Boy’s Dream

Fishing has not always been reliable on Final Fantasy XI private servers. Fear not Paladins! When you are on the quest A Boy’s Dream, save yourself a trip to Castle Oztroja and speak with the nearest Festive Moogle instead. The M2R Moogles are prepared to give you a Giant Shell Bug.

Unlock a 4th Trust

After unlocking all available jobs up through the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion, speak to a Festive Moogle to receive a key item which will allow you to call a fourth trust to your party.

Unlock a 5th Trust

After unlocking your 4th trust, you may begin the journey to unlocking the 5th. The method is currently a mystery…


  • Assault tag reissue reduced from 1 day to 1 hour
  • Assault rank points increased from 5 points for a new mission to 6 points, and from 1 point for a repeated mission to 3 points


Made to Raid has a custom ZNM system. No need to get plates and take photos. It is now a tiered drop system all the way to Pandemonium Warden. Hunt monsters in the area of the first tier ZNMs to get their pop items, and they will drop pop items for the next tier.