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Download and Install Game Client

Download the retail PlayOnline Viewer and Final Fantasy XI client. Follow the install instructions on the official PlayOnline web site and then return to this page.

Final Fantasy XI Client:

Patch Game Client

  1. Download Patch Data
  2. Unzip the file into the location where you installed the game client.
    This is typically in “C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI”. Your drive letter may vary depending on custom installs.
  3. Launch PlayOnline Viewer. Click on Check Files.
  4. Under the Select PlayOnline-compatible software menu, click and choose the FINAL FANTASY XI option.
  5. Click Check Files.
  6. After files are checked, it will tell you that an update is available. Confirm this option, and it will download the most recent patch data, recheck and download the new files.
  7. When this is complete, you can close PlayOnline viewer.

Download and Configure a Launcher






Linux Support

We have Linux players on our server and are happy to support you in getting the game running on your Desktop or your Steam Deck. Our Discord community has you covered!

Connect and Create Character

Once you have your launcher configured, you can connect to the server with the account you created in the first step and create your character.