The Made to Raid Final Fantasy XI private server expects players will be respectful to each other. Harassment of other players is not allowed and may result in a ban.

The MadeToRaid Linkshell is available to all players on this server. Please keep the main linkshell chat clean and welcoming to everyone.

The main purpose of this server is to have fun. Competition is welcome, but griefing other players is not allowed.

Account Limits

Each user of the Made to Raid FFXI server is permitted up to two accounts. One character on each account is considered to be the “main” character. Other characters are considered “mules”. Only main characters are permitted to xp.

Accounts are not transferable. Your account is your own and other users are not permitted access to them. If someone decides to stop playing, they are not allowed to gift their character or account to another person. Accessing another player’s character for any reason is prohibited.

Server logs are reviewed on a regular basis to enforce rules and help ensure fair game play.

Real Money Trade (RMT)

The selling of gil, items, accounts/characters or other in-game data for real world currency is strictly prohibited on the Made to Raid Final Fantasy XI private server and will result in an immediate ban.