Blizzard Balance $50 Giveaway

We will be giving out a $50 digital Blizzard gift card to one of the 50 first followers on our Twitch channel. Once we hit 50 followers, we will run a raffle live on our channel to pick the lucky winner. Choose to spend the gift card how you like.


1. Eligibility

You must be one of the first 50 followers of the Made_To_Raid Twitch channel to be eligible. You must be a United States resident. This giveaway is for a $50 USD Blizzard balance gift, and all eligibility requirements for receiving this gift must be followed. Made to Raid administrators, moderators, streamers and family are not eligible for this giveaway.

2. Sponsorship

Twitch is not affiliated with this contest. Blizzard is not affiliated with this contest. There are no sponsors. $50 for the first 50 followers sounded like a nice round number to give away to a gamer who could use it.

3. Agreement to Rules

Made to Raid has the right to disqualify entrants. By entering for this giveaway contest you agree to follow the rules here and decisions by Made to Raid. One entry per person. If we discover that a single person has followed from multiple accounts, that will be cause for disqualification.

4. Entry Period

The entry period is from now until the Made_To_Raid Twitch channel gains over 50 followers.

5. How to Enter

Follow the Made_To_Raid channel on Twitch. This is the only way to enter this contest. No money or bribes will be accepted as entries into this contest and will be cause for immediate disqualification.

6. Prizes

The winner will recieve a $50 Blizzard Gift balance delivered to the Blizzard ID provided by the winner.

7. Odds

Odds of winning are roughly 1 in 45. The first few followers to the channel are not eligible because of their administrator or moderator status.

8. Selection and Notification of the Winner

The winner will be selected live on stream once the 50 follow goal has been reached. We will notify the winner through private message on Twitch. Winner must provide a valid Blizzard ID within 24 hours of the contest ending. If the winner does not respond in 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen on the next live stream after the initial drawing. The gift card will be delivered live on stream. Winner’s Blizzard ID will be shown live on stream during delivery process.

9. Terms & Conditions

Made to Raid as the right modify, suspend or terminate this contest at any time and for any reason. Made to Raid loves gamers and wants to give something to the community.

Made to Raid has the right to disqualify any entrant for violating these terms.